Notes from Nini: July 2023

♡ New at With Nini ♡

Usually under this section I talk about new products at With Nini but as a small business that makes everything from scratch, we aren't able to pump out new product each and every month. So instead of hyping up a new product this month, I want to hype up a business milestone. As of July 1st, With Nini has officially started charging taxes woo!

And look, I know, everyone hates paying taxes. Myself included. But, as a business this is very exciting because that means we are growing, big girl moves are happening, hard work is paying off and that's a damn good feeling. We wouldn't have made it here if it weren't for you, so thank you always for the love and support!

with nini outdoor market setup at 613flea ottawa

♡ Delights in my Life ♡

Experiences: Unintentionally, there has been a lot of quality family time going on over here and I am not mad about it. Back in December, my family and I booked a cottage and the time finally came for us to enjoy it! We hung out, kayaked, played uno, and ate good for an entire weekend. It was a much needed recharge from the day to day hustle.

After that, my in-laws came down for a visit and we got the chance to explore the Canadian Museum of Nature in its entirety. Family is so important to me and I feel so lucky to have two so close to my heart.

nini and bear on boat dock at family cottage

Music: Switching out the Podcast category for Music because I cannot get enough of Flo's latest EP. If you don't know who Flo is, let me put you onto them. Flo is a 90's-influenced R&B trio based out of London, England and their vocals are incredible. Take a listen for yourself:

Small Business Love: Ok technically this product is not by a small business but I did purchase it from a small business so we're gonna run with it. Long story short, I found out that I might have become allergic to my go-to sunscreen, forcing me to find an alternative, and my goodness, was this a blessing in disguise.

I went to Terra20 knowing that they would have limited ingredients and natural options for me and after reading many reviews, I left with Attitude's Tinted Mineral Sunscreen A.K.A. the best sunscreen I've ever used in my life. It's lightweight, easy to spread, does not leave a white residue on my tan skin, and most importantly: does not irritate my skin!

attitude tinted sunscreen stick natural sustainable ethical terra20

That's all for this month's check-in! Nothing major but still worth sharing. Keep cool and stay hydrated friends!


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