About With Nini

Cultural Roots

The name Nini comes from the Cambodian term, sreyni and is often used by a parent to endearingly refer to their daughter. Nini is the Cambodian name and preferred name of the With Nini founder. However, due to fear of discrimination, Nini's parents chose to stick with a more westernized name legally. With Nini proudly pays homage to Nini's Cambodian-Canadian roots and her parent's immigration story.


With Nini is an imagination-driven fashion and home brand based out of Ottawa, Ontario. Inspired by comfort and everyday whimsy, With Nini strives to create dreamy eco-conscious pieces to encourage self expression. We are proud to operate as a low waste company, choosing to work with more sustainable materials while also keeping inventories at a minimum, preventing further contribution to our landfills.


We are firm believers in "supporting our neighbours" and therefore prioritize partnerships with local creatives- from the production process to local events and markets. At With Nini, we do our best in taking care of our community and environment, as well as giving back to local and global organizations and movements each year.