Whimsical, Ethical, & Eco-conscious

Whimsical slow fashion and home goods, thoughtfully designed and made in Ontario, Canada. We invite you to embrace a mindful lifestyle, where each purchase reflects a commitment to sustainability.



Made in Canada

Asian Owned

Woman Owned

Cultural roots

"Nini" is the Cambodian name of the With Nini founder and is short for "sreyni", a term often used by a parent to endearingly refer to their daughter. Due to fear of discrimination, Nini's parents opted for a Westernized name legally. With Nini proudly pays homage to Nini's Cambodian-Canadian roots and her parent's immigration story.

Ethics & Sustainability

From sourcing to manufacturing to packaging, we aim for an environmentally conscious approach. By collaborating with local businesses and choosing to operate as a low waste brand, we ensure quality and ethical production.

We produce only a carefully calculated number of garments in order to produce as little waste as possible. We use leftover, upcycled, and deadstock fabrics to create samples, accessories, fastenings, entire collections, and more to mitigate more fabric from being sent to our landfills.

Made in Canada

We are proud to be based in Ottawa, Canada where are are able to effectively design our products in-house. We work with businesses and manufacturers all across Canada — from start to finish our process takes place locally on Canadian soil, ensuring quality and equality.

Fabrics and Materials

At With Nini, we believe that your clothing and home goods should be made with longevity in mind to keep them out of the landfills for longer. This is why we prioritize the use of long-lasting, sustainable materials and high quality construction, benefiting both you and the Earth.

We avoid the use of single use plastics and disposable materials/packaging whenever possible, and expect any business that we work with to do the same. We only use natural fabrics and avoid synthetic materials when possible.


We believe in community and absolutely love connecting with you in real life and online. We've created a cute, cozy, and safe space on the Internet to do just that and we'd love for you to be a part of it if you aren't already: @withninishop.

If you're located in the Ottawa region, come hang out and shop with us in-person at one of our upcoming markets. And if you're located in Toronto, you can expect to see us again at the Toronto One of a Kind Winter Show taking place from November to December.

We understand the importance of giving back and thanks to your kindness and support, we have been able to give back to a variety of local and worldwide charities and organizations. We are so proud to have a growing list of contributions to good causes and look forward to spreading more love and awareness.

A note from Nini

I created With Nini with the intentions of sharing my love for all things whimsical, ruffle-y, twirl worthy, and Earth friendly. By keeping to our core values, we hope to create change in the fashion industry while promoting positive environmental and ethical practices.

With love,