Notes from Nini: August 2023

♡ New at With Nini ♡

Holy cow! I feel like there is so much newness that went down at With Nini this past August and I'm not too sure if I can condense it all into a couple of paragraphs but I'll try my best. For starters, we've got a new market setup in the works by my boyfriend and his dad. They've worked super hard to bring my dream clothing rack to life and now they've passed the torch to me to finish them. So ya girl has been busy sanding, staining, and soon sealing eeek!

Secondly, we've started rolling out our Fall 2023 campaigns and just know that what you've seen on social media thus far is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect more zero waste goodness and new products! And last but not least, we've been working on new clothing tags to make your shopping experience more convenient. They're not yet attached to our clothing pieces but they will be super soon so keep your eyes peeled! Phew! That was a lot of info to cover and I'm pretty sure I forgot some things but point is, it's been an exciting and productive August!

staining DIY clothing rack

♡ Delights in my Life ♡

Experiences: I've always been a concert girly. I love live music, dancing, and fangirling and for the first time ever, I got to do all three of those things at a music festival! I mean, it wasn't nearly as big as Coachella or Veld but I still had a great time watching some of my childhood favourites grace the stage at Rock the Park. It was such a dream to see both Ashanti and Mya IRL!


Music: I've been off of my Podcast game so we're switching out the Podcast category with Music again but this time, I want to put yall onto some K-pop. I've been addicted to NewJeans' latest mini album-- there's something so angelic and soothing about their songs. "ETA" is my favourite, what's yours? Have a listen:

Small Business Love: My mom-in-law just opened up her very own shop in St. Thomas, ON called, We Got Creative! It is a passion-run shop, meaning that it is run by creatives volunteering their time to make things happen. How special is that?! I am so honoured to be carrying a handful of my wire art pieces at We Got Creative and would absolutely love if you went in for a visit if you're ever in that area: 417 Wellington St, St Thomas, ON N5R 6G2

we got creative shop in st. thomas, ontario

Obsessions: Gosh, I feel like my life has been chaotic lately, I haven't had much time to obsess over anything in particular. I guess one thing I can mention, even though we're in the early stages of my obsession, are ballet flats. Yeah, I'm into those and the thrift gods blessed me with a pair recently. So life has been grand y'all!


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