Notes from Nini: June 2023

♡ New at With Nini ♡

The Garden top and shorts are back and I am so proud of me for having them ready to go this early into the Summer season! Last year, I think I didn't have them out until August which is a bit late but hey, I'm new to this and am working on getting my seasonal releases down pat. We'll get there eventually but in the meantime, let's go soak up the sun in the cutest linen and organic cotton set! Peep the handmade and hand-pressed flower buttons by the way, I'll never get over those!

We're also bringing more zero waste headbands back to the shop! These bad boys are essential when it comes to summer because who wants to be all hot and sweaty with hair all up in your face? Not me!


♡ Delights in my Life ♡

Experiences: Honestly speaking, I've been experiencing burnout for a little while now so I've been allowing myself to play around and explore new things, just for fun and in hopes that it'll help pull me out of my slump.

So May and June (so far) have been filled with experiences like museums, paddle boating in a water labyrinth at Eco-Odyssee, restaurants, garage sales, friends, and a K-pop festival hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre Canada. Lots of fun has been going down and I do feel like my mindset is shifting, slowly but surely!

paddle boat at parc odyssée, korean music festival ottawa, vegetarian cauliflower bowl and burgers

Podcasts: Behind You by Hailey Elizabeth has been in rotation for a little while now and I highly recommend it if you're a True Crime girlie like myself. I actually prefer listening to Hailey's podcast on Youtube.

Small business love: I met the kindest soul near the end of May and I've already told my friends about them AND have shared their business on my Instagram stories. I fear that I may seem a bit obsessive but really, I just feel inspired by what they do. Bestowed Cards is a passion project run by Kurt and 100% of their proceeds are donated to animal sanctuaries all over Ontario. Incredible, right? I left our conversation with knowledge, inspiration, and two super cute cards I can't wait to gift!

paper cards by bestowed cards featuring stamp and ink pig and bunny

Obsession: I mean, is it an obsession if it's fully integrated into your lifestyle now? I'm not sure. But, what I do know is that I can't get enough of this Kale and Rice recipe. I like to add ground beef or tofu for a little extra umph because I'm a texture girlie through and through!

 Now excuse me as I go fix myself a bowl of kale and rice because literally just talking about it has my tummy rumbling!

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