Valentine's Day Gift Ideas ft. Small Businesses

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas ft. Small Businesses

I'm making this list for you but also for me because I'm 90% sure my boyfriend has yet to pick up something for me this Valentine's Day. My dearest boyfriend, if you're reading this, take the hint. And, whoever else is reading this, this is your sign to shop small for this lovey-dovey occasion!

I put up a poll on Instagram not too long ago to get an idea of how many of you celebrate Valentine's and surprisingly enough, most of you said you did! This was only a surprise to me because I feel like each year there are more people against the holiday. I for one, am for it. I love me a good 50% off heart shaped chocolate on February 15th so no complaints here. Ok, enough rambling, let's jump in (in no particular order)!

1. Conscious Heart Sweater by Copious Fashions
conscious heart sweater by copious fashions
2. Handmade Mugs by Fox and Beagle Co. Ceramics
ceramic mugs by fox and beagle co
3. Handmade Wire Art by With Nini
with nini handmade wire art classic line
4. The Love Line by Abbie Darling Customs
brass jewelry by abbie darling customs
5. Baked Goods by Inspiring Olivia (IO Bakes)
gluten free baked goods by inspiring olivia io bakes
6. Surprise Road Trip by Guess Where Trips
surprise road trip by guess where trips
7. Embroidered Sweatshirts by With Nini
ethical warm hug sweatshirt by with nini
8. Handmade Soy Candles by Olive & Ronnie
soy candles by olive and ronnie

Remember, when you support a small business, an actual person does a happy dance. Happy (almost) Valentine's Day friends!

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