The Scrunchie Project: Helping Animals in Cambodia!

If you've been following With Nini for a short while now, you would know that I am most definitely a dog person. I've been called an obsessive dog mom before and honestly, I see no shame in it. I'll admit it, I love my dog and I ain't afraid to show it!

I won't go and on about how much I love my dog on here though - I already do that enough on my dog's Instagram page (yes, my dog has his own Instagram which has way more followers than I'll ever have on my personal account). Instead, I want to take some time out to talk about the campaign we’ve been running since March 2019 – inspired by my dog, Bear!

Now when we started this campaign, With Nini was a solid 2-3 months old. It was a big, ambitious idea since we had just started up ourselves but it was something that we wanted to try out simply because 1) we want to help animals and 2) my mom has a never-ending supply of left over fabrics that we felt we could make a difference with! So that’s when I approached the self-made, sewing queen herself (aka. my mom).

Rom, who is not just my mom but an extremely talented seamstress (no, I’m not bias, I swear), also has a huge soft spot when it comes to animals. My mom comes from poverty and understands “the struggle.” Together, we decided to collaborate and create the unofficially titled project, The Scrunchie Project!

What is The Scrunchie Project?

Over the years, my mom has collected tons of left over fabrics at her alteration shop. We are putting these scrap pieces to use by making them in to super cute and trendy hair scrunchies! All scrunchies included in this campaign are made from recycled fabrics and with love by Rom. Yay for sustainability!

Half of the scrunchie proceeds will be going to/has partially already gone to, Animal Rescue Cambodia. Animal Rescue Cambodia is an animal protection organization we found through social media. After doing a whole lot of research, my mom and I decided that we wanted to help make a difference in Cambodia. Cambodia is a beautiful country that my mom was born in and I’ve been so lucky to have visited numerous times. Despite its beauty and rich culture, there are no animal protection laws and animal abuse is a widespread issue.

Animal Rescue Cambodia not only helps animals through veterinary support but they also help homeless animals in Cambodia find forever homes. One thing that really stood out to my mom and I is that their organization puts an emphasis on education and therefore, actively runs events which promotes and teaches proper animal care. We believe lack of knowledge in this realm is the root of the problem and can only be changed if people are willing to learn and understand the importance of proper pet care.

Let's Work Together!

Our dog Bear is extremely spoiled and that’s exactly what we want for the animals in Cambodia. Please help us raise money for our animal friends in Cambodia by either donating directly to Animal Rescue Cambodia or by purchasing scrunchies handmade by Rom right from our online shop. The Scrunchie Project for Animal Rescue Cambodia will run until the end of September 2019. We are hoping to fly out to Cambodia in October to meet the ARC team and drop off the donations in-person! If those plans fall through, no worries – the donations will still make it to the Animal Rescue Cambodia team electronically and we will be sure to document the moment as this entire campaign is a team effort. We wouldn’t be able to do this without your constant support!

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