How I Take My Product Pictures

How I Take My Product Pictures

As a small shop, funding can be a little dicey. You really have to pick and choose what you should invest in and what can wait. A couple of things I've chosen to sacrifice as we continue to grow as a business are: models and photography. 

Today I thought it would be fun to share with you how I take my product pictures-- not because I think I've discovered anything groundbreaking or special but simply because I'm a newbie and you might be too! Why not share what I've learned so far right?

Equipment I Use for Product Pictures

If you're new around here, let me give you a brief run down on my product photos-- all product photos are taken by me and most items are modeled by me as well. With Nini is really a one-woman show when it comes to modeling, photography, and graphic design!


My best friend when it comes to photographing modeled items is my handy dandy tripod! I actually have two - a standard one that most photographers (or dad's from the 90's) have and a smaller "spider" tripod one. Both of them have adjustable legs which I really like.


My camera of choice is my iPhone, I used an old iPhone SE before recently upgrading to an iPhone 12 Mini! Since so much of my work takes place online, an iPhone is just so darn convenient. And with technology advancements, iPhone photos are getting closer and closer to being DSLR quality-- I say this with no actual photography experience, please don't hate be photographers!


When you're the model and photographer, self-timer is truly a savor. Most cameras and smartphones come with a built-in self-timer feature so it is pretty accessible and easy to use. I like to set my iPhone to a 10 second timer because it gives me enough time to run to where I need to be and strike a few poses (on shutter mode).

Backdrop + Props

I prefer a minimal look for With Nini product photos, only because I feel like a simple white background really allows my products to pop! I've used blank walls, plain white blankets, textured white blankets and even white curtains as photo backgrounds before. I also like to play around with composition and poses with chairs/stools and dried florals.

Bonus: An Ergonomic Mat

Product photos require a lot of running around, standing in weird positions, and sometimes even balance. Basically, you're on your feet majority of the time. I found my feet and legs feeling extremely sore and tired after taking product photos, almost as if I had just finished a leg day at the gym. So this is where ergonomic mats come in-- I have one in my kitchen and I have one in my studio and boy, do they make a difference. Ergonomic mats just add a nice amount of cushion, perfect for my sensitive baby feet.

So there you have it folks! These are my go-to product photo essentials. They're not fancy and they're not always 100% professional but do they get the job done? Heck yes. And, not to toot my own horn or anything but I don't think they look too shabby either. You see, the nice thing about social media is that a lot of it is influenced by authenticity and relatability which ultimately means, people are okay with amateur photography work. Even if you're a business. It looks more real and raw and people actually find that charming nowadays.

So go easy on yourself, experiment with your photos, and have fun with it!

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