Answering My Most Asked Questions!

Now I know we have an FAQ page on here and yes, that page does include frequently asked questions on all things business-y like shipping and sustainability. And if you're looking for those deets, I do encourage you to take a gander at the FAQ page. But, if you're looking for answers regarding photos, equipment, thrifting and taking risks well then you stumbled onto the right blog post! Let's jump right into some of my most DM'd questions!

How do you take your photos?

By far the most popular question that I receive and honestly, probably the most flattering question too! I don't use anything fancy to take my photos, I'm a strong believer in "working with what you've got." And, what I've got is an iPhone SE and a spider tripod that I balance on a stool. I told you it wasn't a fancy set-up but hey, does it work? Yes!

How do you edit your photos?

I don't edit With Nini photos too much. I typically use the app VSCO to increase or decrease the brightness/contrast/saturation. I try really hard to keep photos almost filter-free because I want the products to look true to what they look like in real life! All "hanger" photos found on all listings are unedited and unfiltered.

How did you know it was the right time to pursue With Nini full-time?

This one's always a tough question to answer because there wasn't a defying moment for me. I did it on a whim and it was scary but also liberating. And if we're going to be transparent here, I still don't know if I've made the right decision or not but I promised myself that I'd give this a fair shot so that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm also a strong believer that there really isn't a "right" time to do anything and that if you want to do something, why wait? 

How did you get your foot in the door?

I gave Etsy a shot for a month and that was basically a fail. I can't blame Etsy though, I simply just didn't know the platform very well. And once I found more success selling through Instagram I ditched Etsy completely. The first time I actually felt like a "shop" was when I attended my first market back in January 2019 and essentially, that's how I got my foot in the door! I'm so thankful that the handmade and reselling community is so accepting and welcoming. Markets are a great way to gain exposure and network!

Where do you get your inventory?

As of right now (October 2020 to be exact), all of our clothing and accessories are sourced from various thrift stores. I shop at the big name thrifts and I also like to dabble into the small mom and pop thrifts too-- I'm not too picky!

I know there are a few more questions out there that I often receive but it seems that my brain has decided to turn into mush haha! Perhaps I'll do a part two someday but for now, these are my five most asked questions! I hope this post offers a bit of insight or encouragement to those wanting to pursue a side hustle. 

Oh and I should probably also mention that I am still learning and growing as a business owner myself so answers to all questions here are based solely on my own experience. As I learn more, I hope to share more with you guys as well. Thanks for joining me on this wild journey!

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